Pricing Policy

We at Clubgerie, have worked very hard to reduce our prices to compete with the largest retailers online.  On our site the "MSRP" - Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, is the price that would normally be charged in a brick and mortar store.  Our price, "Sale Price", is the regular price that we offer for all of our items on our site. Gift Vouchers and Promo Codes may be offered in some instances and can be applied at checkout.

Some items may be labeled as being a "boxed" item, however, this does not mean that every item labeled as "boxed" will be shipped "boxed".  Sometimes, to keep shipping costs at a minimum, the item may be shipped in a soft package instead of "boxed".

Pricing Errors

We try to ensure the accuracy of pricing. However, despite our efforts, pricing errors may still occur. If an item's price is higher than the price displayed, we will cancel your order of that item and notify you of the cancellation at no cost to you.